A Totally New Concept... 
Design Your Marriage, Design Your Life!

...helping Brides and Grooms save money on their wedding and more importantly,

design their marriage so they can create the life they truly desire!

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 Dealing With Relatives? 

No Problem?  Yeah, right!

Got a relative that is just too much to handle? Don't know what to do or say to them?  What can you do about that?   


No matter how much you love them, they can really drive you crazy! Especially at special events, weddings, Holidays and other get-togethers.  Do you try avoiding them?  Not sure what to say or how to say it?  It doesn't have to be that way!  More 

Not a Bride But Still Want to Come?


Not a bride, but still want to come to our Events, Adventures or Programs?  We would love to have you come!  Please feel free to invite your friends and family, too. Simply register for each event, adventure or program that you want to participate in. They are open to everyone. 



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Who We Are:  A Totally New Concept


The Bride's Breakfast Club has been created specifically to be a resource to help today's couples save money on their wedding and more importantly, design their marriage or relationship so they can build the life they truly desire with purpose, passion and a plan.  



What We Do:  Events, Adventures, Programs & Webinars


Through our events, adventures, programs and webinars, you can learn fun tips, valuable tools and smart techniques that address the social aspects of marriage to use immediately to make your life easier, happier and more meaningful.  Kind of like "preventative care" for your relationships, but in a pro-active, practical and healthy manner. You know, real stuff you can use like:

  • Training Your Spouse - You can do that?  Yes, You Can! 
  • Dealing With Relatives?  No Problem?  Yeah, right!
  • What Do Men Secretly Want?    
  • How Do We Buy A Home Without Fear?
  • How to Fight Without Killing Each Other?  
  • What Love Language Are You?  What is he? 
  • Extended Families - Preventing Drama and Catastrophy 
  • Who Are You Really Marrying? 
  • Are You His Type? Is He Yours?
  • What to Do When You Screw Up          


What You Get:  Savings in the Thousands!


Literally save thousands of dollars from our events, adventures and programs.  Check out our Save Money On Your Wedding page.  We even know how you may be able to get receive up to $14,000 Cash FREE for a down payment on a home!      

  • Save Thousands of Dollars on Your Wedding and more More
  • Unique Events with Guest Speakers & Exhibitors - with Free Goodie Bags
  • The Bride's Breakfast Meetings - for Brides and the general public  Info 
  • The Bride's Happy Hour - for Brides and the general public    Info
  • Design Your Marriage, Design Your Life Programs - such as our Love & Happiness Program, that will to help you build a phenomenal marriage & life.   More   
  • Free eBooks - learn more about the social aspects of today's complicated relationships
  • Free Articles - learn to create the life you truly desire
  • Special Offers & Discounts - from our Business Members & Sponsors
  • Free Bride Referral Service
  • Free e-Newsletter - Win Hotel Stays, Gift Cards, Movie Tickets, Free Dinners Giveaways & Prizes         

Why We Are Doing It: 


Do you know that the divorce rate for 1st Marriages is over 50%?  And, that's within the first 3 years.  Second marriages the divorce rate is over 70%?  Clearly, something is wrong with this picture.  It's obvious that not only are we not learning our lesson, but we're getting worse!  Whatever we are doing, it's not working.


Why is that?  What can we do about it?  How can couples avoid making those same mistakes?  Wouldn't you like to know the answers?


Furthermore, most couples wait until after they are having trouble...until they can't take it anymore and then try to fix "it" through marriage counseling.  That can be expensive, time consuming and not much fun.  Often times, it's too late to recover, the damage has been done. 


What the Bride's Breakfast Club offers is an a pro-active, preventative approach to the real social issues in life.  We want to take on the perspective from the beginning of the relationship, not at the end. 


Where else can you turn to learn about the real social issues in life?  That's why we're doing what we do.  Covering the good, the bad and the ugly in life and how to deal with it from a pro-active, healthy, preventative approach.  Join us and learn how through our events, adventures and programs.    



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