...helping Brides plan and save money on their wedding and, more importantly, design their marriage to create the life they truly desire!

A Totally New Concept

…helping Brides plan and save money on their wedding and
more importantly, design their marriage to create the life they truly desire!


                Design Your Marriage, Design Your Life!                         


Events & Adventures

26 Apr 2014 9:00 AM • Arizona Grand Resort and Spa, 8000 Arizona Grand Pkwy, Phoenix, AZ 85044, Conference Center - Ocotillo A
03 May 2014 2:00 PM • AZ 88 THE BAR, 7353 E Scottsdale Mall, Scottsdale, AZ 85251
06 May 2014 12:00 PM • Downside Risk Restaurant, 8989 N Scottsdale Rd, Scottsdale, AZ 8253
07 May 2014 12:00 PM • 24 Carrots, 1701 E Guadalupe, Tempe, AZ 85283
 Coming Soon!               


      Dealing With Relatives - No Problem?  Yeah, right!

     Training Your Spouse - You can do that?  Yes, You Can!

     How to Fight Fairly with Spouses, Relatives, Whomever

     Who Am I Really Marrying? Are You His Type? Is He Yours?

     Bride and Wedding Party Makeovers

     Mother of the Bride and Groom Makeovers

     Budget?  What's A Budget?     

     Design Your Marriage Program

     Design Your Life Program

     Normal or Nuts - Is He or Am I? 

     Meet The Parents - All Eight Of Them - Extended Families

     Cuckoo For Kids

     Happy Wife, Happy Life


Check back often to get more information on these new events.  If you are a business and would like to know more about being a vendor at these events, please contact us at (480) 600-5566 or email us at jdokos@bridesbreakfastclub.com.

Not a Bride But Still Want to Come?


Not a bride, but still want to come to our Events, Adventures or Programs?  We would love to have you come! 



Please feel free to invite your friends and family, too. 


Simply register for each event, adventure or program that you want to participate in.  They are either open to all, or may have a slightly higher non-member fee. 

Business Networking & Leads Groups Now Forming

Business Networking and Leads Groups are now forming across the valley. The NETWORKING Groups are open to all business categories.  The LEADS Groups do have exclusive business categories for each chapter.  Both groups provide great opportunities to promote your business through referral based marketing. Simply put, the premise is to do business with those who you know, like and trust, in a positive, encouraging and enjoyable atmosphere.  More

                Scottsdale           Phoenix           Chandler     

                Tempe                Gilbert             Mesa

Welcome our new business member, Norys Trevinoof Beautiful U Travel!  She's an expert in helping others realize their honeymoon and globetrotting goals. From the DIYer who prefers to do his/her own research and booking to the family that needs someone to handle it all, my team and I at Beautiful U Travel have a solution. We work with our clients to determine their goals, their budgets, and their timelines and then we take all of the hassle and worry out of their hands. Our Beautiful U Travel website even allows visitors to shop at over 750 online stores, order flowers, purchase concert tickets, tickets to local sporting events and plays, making it a comprehensive, one-stop shop.  Visit her website at www.BeautifulUTravel.com

Soul Heart Entertainment!






Who We Ar

The Bride's Breakfast Club has been created specifically to be a resource to help today's couples...both now and after the wedding...save money while planning their wedding and, more importantly, learn to design their marriage in a pro-active, healthy manner so that they can build the life they truly desire with purpose, passion and a plan.  Learn more...  


What We Do

We work similar to a "Wedding Chamber of Commerce with a Twist."  The twist is that we have wedding vendors as our business members, but it's the Bride, her fiance, friends and family that are invited to our events, adventure and programs and referred to our business members for their special offers and discounts.


How We Do It

We do that by offering our 4,000+ Bride Members our Free Bride Referral Requests, Special Offers and DiscountsFun-filled Events and Unique Designer Programs:  Design Your Wedding, Design Your Marriage and Design Your Life. Couples can become educated, enlightened and inspired to approach their marriage and build their life with purpose, passion and planning.  They can then start their life on the same page together to create a greater, better life they truly desire.


For Brides                                          


Free Bride Referral Requests

Overwhelmed with planning your wedding?  Get Free Help!  Our Free Bride Referral Request helps brides save time, money and the hassle of trying to find suitable vendors and choose the right one. Click here to start


Special Offers and Discounts

Take advantage of special offers and discounts from business members and wedding vendors. Do you know that we can help you find free money for a down payment on a home, up to $14,000?  And it's a grant, so you won't have to pay it back!  Seriously!   More  


Fun-Filled Events & Adventures

Meet vendors, get special offers and discounts and learn ways to make your life easier and happier though our events and adventures such as "How to Get Up to $14,000 FREE for a Down Payment on a Home," Training Your Spouse," "Dealing with Relatives," "How to Fight Fairly" and more.


Unique Designer Programs

Create the life you truly desire with our unique customized programs: Design Your Wedding, Design Your Marriage and Design Your LifeMore        

For Businesses


Please Help Us Welcome Our New Business Members!



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               UP TO $14,000 FREE 

                  TO BUY A HOME!

We are pleased to announce that Nova Home Loans has joined us as a Business Member!  Nova Home Loans provides mortgages, including their 5% Down Payment Assistance Program that grants free down payment money towards a down payment on the purchase of a home.  
                                                                     Mike Kortas

       Nova Home Loans                        (480) 551.7659

   FREE Home Warranty up to $500

Ready to buy a home?  Call Mike Dokos, Realtor with HomeSmart Real Estate at (480) 600-3948.  With over 12 years full-time experience, he will help you find a new home or

sell your current home or property! 

                   Mike Dokos

                                                                            (480) 600-3948

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Please help us welcome SolarCity as our new business member!  With SolarCity, you simply pay for your solar power by the month, just like your utility bill, only lower. Pay less for electricity today and your savings can grow over time as utility rates continue to increase. More homeowners nationwide choose SolarCity than any other solar provider. SolarCity  will install your system for free. Every 5 minutes someone makes the switch to clean energy with SolarCity. Join the movement today by adding cleaner, more affordable solar to your home.        

                                                           Free Consultation                                      

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A Unique Experience!

Cloud 9 Parties are so much more than a romance home party company. We offer a complete boutique shopping experience. Customers love to pamper themselves with our quality spa products, massage items and wide variety of pheromone perfumes. Our luxurious lingerie line and high-fashion jewelry accessories are in-style, in-demand and affordable.


                                                                                             Call now to book your home party today!     


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Design Your Marriage, Design Your Life!™                      

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